Children’s Ministry

Our Program

The special meetings for kids (kindergarten through fourth grade) have proven to be a huge success. Many have been led to saving faith in Christ Jesus, and countless other positive spiritual decisions have been made by young people.

There are numerous facets to the children’s program we offer:

  • Gospel songs
  • Nightly Bible lessons
  • Object lessons/Gospel illusions
  • Review games
  • Prizes

The children are typically so excited about their experiences in “kids’ class” that they enthusiastically recruit visitors to join them. As a result, the attendance grows nightly and often doubles in the children’s department by week’s end.

Our Philosophy

Our purpose in offering these classes is greater than simply to babysit children. It is our sincere desire to instruct the children from the Word of God on a level that they can comprehend. We want each child to have an opportunity to know Christ as his Savior (Matthew 18:1-4, 14; Luke 18:15-17; 2 Timothy 3:15).

Let it be noted, however, that we are careful not to pluck unripe fruit. When a child responds to a Gospel invitation, we ask him why he has come. If he has no sense of conviction over his sin or lacks a comprehension of basic Gospel truths after we have explained the plan of salvation, we do not ask him to “pray to ask Jesus to save him.” Instead, we appeal to him to listen very carefully to the messages yet to come and to let God show him his need for salvation. Our desire is for genuine converts to Christ, not shallow professions to pad some ambitious decision count of ours. If the child is ready, we instruct him in how to trust Christ as his Savior (John 1:12; 3:36; Rom. 10:9, 10, 13).

The children’s ministry is also beneficial for adults. First, because it frees up the parent from child supervision so that he may give undivided attention to the preaching of God’s Word. Also, it gets the children excited about coming back to the nightly meetings, thus making it easier for the parents to bring their own children as well as guests they hope to bring with them.

Having been in this evangelistic ministry for many years, we can truly say that the kids’ meetings have been one of the most important additions we have ever made. The children’s ministry has greatly enhanced and expanded the fruitfulness of the Tozour Team.