The Times They Are a Changin’ Times They Are a Changin’

It has been way too long since I made any updates to our website, and the times we’re living in are changing rapidly. It seems like I’m running to catch up to a train that is already pulling out of the station! While the world in which we live is marked by upheaval and tragedy (the ISIS crisis, the upcoming presidential nominations, the question as to which NFL team will find a home in Los Angeles next year), our evangelistic team has been undergoing changes that are not tragic but are certainly significant. Here is the latest on what’s been happening with the Tozour Team as we launch off into 2016.

The biggest pivot for us began to unfold as the Wessbergs welcomed twin boys into their family last August. Asher and Isaac were born in Kansas City on August 24. Candace and the children had not traveled with the team since mid-May, and we Tozours were headed to the West Coast right after the twins were born. Michael ended up joining us for a week in Kansas and two weeks in California, but it became difficult for him to be away while his dear wife was home with SEVEN children (ages 10 and under)! Michael took on work doing home remodeling, and he filled the pulpit for Faith Baptist Church in Raymore, Missouri (located on the south side of metro Kansas City, 35 miles from our home church). Michael was wrestling with the issues of how to get nine people into their semi truck every week–not to mention how to transport the family around once we arrived at each church–and of how Candace would handle homeschooling four, caring for three younger ones, and getting the whole brood of youngsters to
church nearly every night of the week. Meanwhile, Faith Baptist in Raymore was growing quite fond of Michael’s family and of his preaching! We began to discuss the possibility of Michael settling down into a pastoral role instead of the position as children’s evangelist and music minister that he has held with us for the past eleven years. Finally, there came a call and a vote from Faith Baptist. Of the forty-four voting-age members assembled for the purpose, Michael received 100% of the votes in favor of his coming to be their pastor! We could all see the hand of the Lord in the changing of our respective ministries. Although we grieve to see the Wessbergs leave the Tozour Team, we rejoice that they have such a positive local church ministry awaiting them. We know that they will be a blessing in Raymore just as they have been with us all across North America.

As for what remains of the ministry team, we currently number four. Our oldest, Briana, is a full-time student at Pensacola Christian College in Florida. Now in her sophomore year of their graphic design program, Briana is flourishing both in her art and production abilities and in her walk with the Lord. She has already been getting offers to do freelance work for individuals and ministries. Meanwhile, the 43-foot Tozour trailer is now occupied by Angela, Heather (sophomore in high school), Lanae (age 5), and me.

Angela and Heather have stepped up to carry on with children’s meetings, and they do a wonderful job of it. But my precious wife has made it clear that we really need someone to help us in this area and in the realm of music. Please, pray with us about the prospect of having some suitable partner(s) join us in ministry. We only want the Lord’s perfect will in the matter!

Whoever joins us will not only be teammates but extended family, as it were. We need God’s perfect leading and provision in this matter. Thank you for remembering us in this time of significant change!