Rich Tozour grew up in southern New Jersey and trusted Christ as his Savior in February of 1977. It was his dad who led Rich to Christ! Rich graduated from Gloucester County Christian School in 1985 and went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in biblical studies at Pensacola Christian College in 1989. It was at PCC that Rich met his wife-to-be.

Angela Wessberg grew up in an evangelist’s home. Lars and Phyllis Wessberg had been in the pastoral ministry for fifteen years before selling most of their earthly goods and moving their family of six into a thirty-five-foot travel trailer.

Angela was in the eighth grade when her family took this big step; she became the pianist in her father’s meetings and helped her mother in the children’s ministry. Angela also went to PCC, earned a degree in secretarial administration, and traveled for three summers as a pianist with college ensembles. It was through this experience that she and Rich got acquainted. They were married in 1993.

In August of 1993, Rich and Angela joined Eagle Heights Baptist Church in Kansas City. They taught at Eagle Heights Christian School for one year before being sent out by the church into full-time evangelism in June of 1994. 

All three Tozour girls were born in Kansas City. Briana, their first was born in May 1996. Heather was added to the family in November 1999. Lanae came along in October 2010. The girls have all played an active part helping in children’s ministry. Having grown up “on the road,” each of them thoroughly enjoys traveling, photography, and seeing new places. Briana graduated with a degree in graphic design from Pensacola Christian College in 2018. She married Andrew Spence in September 2019. Heather is currently the primary assistant in children’s ministry, helping Angela each night. Lanae loves art, crafts, writing, and making us all laugh!